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Sd Gundam Capsule Fighter Online SD Gundam Online - Crossbone Gundam X1 Full Cloth [SDGO/NewType].SD Gundam Online - My Room Unit [SDGO/BerserkD]. Prije 8 godina. SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online (Description) This one was supposed to be a video for people who want to have requests. mo/ - SD Gundam Capsule Fighter - New Era Private Server

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Is anyone going to make private server for this? 01-04-12 #19. basty. View Profile View Forum Posts Gift Subscription Member . Member Rank. Mar 2004 Join Date. thailand Location . 51 Posts. Re: SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online SDGO HK server is almost un ...

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<b>SD</b> <b>Gundam</b> <b>Capsule</b> <b>Fighters</b> (North America <b>Servers</b>)

SD Gundam Capsule Fighter (SDGO) is a MMOTPS developed by South Korea based PC game company Softmax that allows players to take command of Units involving all Gundam eras such as: Universal Century, Anno Domini(Gundam 00), Future Century(G Gundam) and many more.

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SD Gundam Next Evolu... Obiyer 15th Mar 2015 · Last. Sig/Avatar making Obiyer 7th Mar 2015 · Last. SD Gundam Next Evolu... Sargent379 5th Mar 2015 · Last. News: Calander event . newzeon · 6th Feb 2015 UCGO. newzeon · 20th Dec 2014 Best update to date . Neogto · 26th Jul 2014 Bugfix update. Neogto · 5th Jul 2014 May Update. Neogto · 15th May 2014 Revival of SDGO (Private Server) Forum ...

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